D-Day (6 June, 1944) – 70th Anniversary

This poem is in memory of all those brave souls who asked for so little, but gave so much. May they rest in peace.


D-Day (6 June, 1944)
70th Anniversary

70 years ago today,
History teaches,
Was not a holiday
Time on the beaches.

Juno was not a film of repute,
Gold was not a song,
Sand was in hot dispute,
In a war raging far too long.

The British were put to the Sword,
Omaha and Utah were the States,
All part of Operation Overlord,
Uniting Neptune’s mates.

Land gained was so hard fought,
Blood too easily bled,
Lives lived far too short,
As sea and sand turned red.

Yet without this call to arms,
And unselfish acts of bravery,
We’d be singing foreign psalms,
And living lives of slavery.

Seven decades have past,
So history has taught,
Time enough to make their actions cast,
Keep the young alive in thought,
And make their memory last.

© Nick Ritchie 2014


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