Poem No. 03 ‘Crucified’

Today’s poem is an old one written for NaPoWriMo 2013 in April last year. I’m re-blogging it to accompany today’s image on my other blog ‘My Daily Snap’, which is currently running a series of ‘Best of’ shots celebrating the successful completion of my project to take a picture a day for a year.

Poem No. 03 Crucified

(National Poetry Writing Month – April 2013)


Nailed to a tree,
An effigy,
Enshrined in wire,
Decorated needlessly,
Naturally inspired,
Wrapped in acorn cases
And wilted leaves,
Echoes of places
Laid with wreaths,
And blood drained,
Back arched
With neck craned,
Feet tightly bound
And crossed,
No sound,
Seemingly lost,
Beneath an unforgiving sky,
Perched up high,
A Grief so easily passed by.

Inspired by a recent photo I took.


Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013



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