NaPoWriMo 2014 is nearly here and ‘My Daily Snap’ is One Year Old Today!

It’s a year today since I started ‘My Daily Snap’; my personal photo blog challenge to produce a new photograph a day for a year. Over the course of the year it developed into a weekly themed blog and I have to say it’s been a rewarding experience. Today I finally reach the end of my journey, so I thought this week I’d look back at some of my favourite pictures and themes that have been part of that creative experience. There will also be a Top 10 most liked/viewed MDS images later this week on my Man of Letters blog.

Today’s final picture, no.365, was not taken by me. It is of me, taken by Suzie, my lovely (and very patient) wife. I was out taking pictures in the Peak District, Derbyshire and this image captures perfectly how photography makes me feel.

Peak District June 2012 125 edit frame NR 50%

Photo by Susan J. Ritchie, You Time Coaching 2014

Through April ‘My Daily Snap’ will become a weekly/occasional blog, as I concentrate on NaPoWriMo 2014 – a challenge to write a poem a day for a month. Ironically it was undertaking this challenge last year that led to me starting ‘My Daily Snap’, as I began illustrating some poems with photographs. Then something special happened; some of my images inspired me to write new poems, reversing the whole process. ‘My Daily Poems’ poetry blog was launched. Since then I have continued with both forms of creative expression, although recently I’ve had writer’s block. I’m hoping to free that blockage this April!

Last year I successfully completed the NaPoWriMo’s 30-day poetry challenge, but it’s a new year and a new hill to climb. One hopefully I’ll ascend and emerge the other side with some good, new work. Also perhaps, once again, my words will inspire my photographic imagery and vice-versa.

I must just thank everyone who visited the site, liked my images, commented and re-blogged and re-tweeted stuff. Your interest is appreciated and often gives me that little nudge we all sometimes need. Keep on keeping on.

Cheers – Nick, aka, the MoL


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