Poem No. 50 Weathered Hands

A new poem ‘Weathered Hands’ just completed; rough draft yesterday, ink just dry on the revised version. Written to accompany this week’s photo blog series on the theme of ‘Sculptured Hands’,  it was inspired by an image I took of a beautiful wooden sculpture, combined with thoughts on another wooden sculpture I came across in Grizedale Forest in the Lake District.

Weathered Hands

Weathered hands,
Cracked by time,
Water seeping,
Along finely formed
Fault lines,
Darkened wood,
Roughly hewn,
Broken bark strewn,
On nature’s bed,
Green grass grown,
Brown leaves shed,
Soft seeds sewn,
On moist moss floor,
Weathered hands,
Fixed firmly
To this northern moor.

First draft: 26/10/13; revision: 27/10/13

Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013


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