Poem No. 43 – My Dark Companion

New poem today, to accompany last weeks photo blog ‘Musical Links’. The original version was written circa 1981, with a few minor revisions on 30/09/13. My starting inspiration was the song title ‘My Dark Companion’, by Tuxedomoon. I’ve just realised the final two lines of my third verse are almost identical to both the opening lines and final refrain of the song. I wonder if that was subliminal? I’ve also just noticed that I’ve referenced another song by the band in my final verse – ‘7  Years’. I cannot recall whether that was intentional, or just a strange coincidence. The latter would be apt as Tuxedomoon’s music often falls into the avant garde genre.

My Dark Companion

Midnight in the smoke-filled bar,
The lights filter through,
The intense sound of ska,
The smell of glue,
And near me,
Sitting askew,
My dark companion

In the beiged arena,
White into middle pocket,
Blank faces watch a game of pool,
An addict plugs himself into a socket,
Ignored by dancers engrossed in their strange rituals,
While silent on a stool,
My dark companion

Self-conscious people
In various poises,
Stand around
Making repeated insignificant noises,
I make no sound,
I just buy another round,
For my dark companion

The club is emptying now,
My dark companion
Offers me a hand from behind,
One I’m compelled to allow,
Because for seven years I’ve been blind,
And what I see is really in my mind,
Except for my dark companion

Originally circa 1981, revised: 30/09/13

Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013


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