Poem No. 42 A Moment In Time

It’s been a while, but finally here’s a new poem on my occasional Poetry Blog, linked to last week’s Photo Blog on the theme of ‘Time’. I say new, it was actually written 30-odd years ago, hence the slightly naïve and innocent feel to it.

A Moment In Time

Their eyes meet,
They seem to understand,

As they lie there
Savouring the precious moments,
The beauty of their naked bodies
Is emulated by the rays of moonlight
Filtering through the shutters,

Their hands touch tentatively;

After a prolonged silence
Their lips slowly meet;

All is quiet

As a new dawn breaks
A robin bursts into song,
A phone rings,
In the distance a siren sounds,
Milk bottles clatter on a doorstep
As an early morning round is completed,
A baby cries,

Slowly the everyday sounds of life filter through;

The transient moment is over

Originally written somewhere back in the early 1980s

Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013

PS. Check out my recent Top 10 – ‘Songs About Clocks  and Time’. Is there a glaring omission or song you think should grace the list. Let me know.

Cheers – the MoL


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