Poem No. 38 The Mirror Cracked

A new poem today on the theme of ‘reflections’ to accompany last week’s photo blog. You might like to check out my Top 10 Songs of Reflection, which also tie-in with the same theme.

The Mirror Cracked

The man I am
Stares back

The mirror cracks

The boy in a broken frame,
Grew up too fast,
Thought he could stay the same,
In a future that wouldn’t last

Glancing and chancing at the present,
As it passed

Clutching at used straws,
Trying to open closed doors,
Failing to realise
The world thrives
On packs of lies,
Jealous eyes
On the backs
Of tortured lives

In the fractured mirror,
My ageing face,
Reveals no trace,
Reflecting blankly back,
Either side
Of the growing crack

On the inside
I divide,
Stripped clean
Of my pride

And where it’s been,
A sharpened flint,
Leaves an imprint,
And an ugly scene


But didn’t I try?
As though nothing else mattered

And when I die;

The first rain
That grows the new seed,
Will wash the ink from my name,
Leaving blank
The page for you to read


Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013


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