Poem No. 35 Lobster In The Pot

Here’s a poem to accompany last week’s themed photo blog on Seats/chairs (scroll down for last week’s seat pictures). The thread of the poem is about the idea of sitting, waiting and hoping for things to get better. But really you need to be standing, fighting and demanding!

Lobster In The Pot

Waiting for my future
To catch up with my past,
I can see my life before me,
Going nowhere, fast

Ticket clutched in hand,
Number E42,
Waiting in a seemingly endless queue
With those too unfortunate
To catch the welfare bus,
Which, won’t wait
For any of us

A room too small
For all of us to fit,
Not enough seats
For everyone to sit

Not enough jobs to go around,
No future prospects to be found,
What’s on offer just won’t do.
A drop in the ocean
That won’t reduce the queue,
Our numbers are different
But the outcome is the same,
We are all losers
In this money and numbers game

Tomorrow the only difference
Will be the faces,
Sitting here,
In these self-same places

The light’s come on,
It’s my turn,
Feel the heat,
Watch me burn

It’s my fault
I shouldn’t have asked for more,
From a nation
At war
With inflation,
Now I’m being shown the door

They won’t give me
What I haven’t got,
Because the best place for a lobster
Is in the pot


Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013


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