Poem No. 033 A Reflection

The poem below accompanys this week’s photo blog on the theme of ‘decay’. Each week is a different theme. I’ve also compiled my Top 10 songs on the same theme on The Man Of Letters blog. Maybe there’s a song you think should have graced the Top 10. If so let me know.

A Reflection

All is quiet

No-one moves about this once-active household

There is:

No child’s scream of pleasure or pain,
No angry words or light-hearted remarks,
No sound of the water-wheel,
No sheep on the hillside,
No dairy produce fresh from the cattle,
No hustle or bustle of the farmyard,
No quiet moments of contemplation

Nothing in this derelict,
God-forsaken wasteland


The broken tiles and rotten beams,
The moss-covered stones and rickety fence,
The empty, charred hillside,
The dried-up river bed,
The stench of rotting carcases


The sun,
The wind
And the rain,
And other weather remain the same

Unchanged by man
Unmoved by time


Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013


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Love poetry, love Marmite, Alright?
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