Poem No. 27 Through a Child’s Eyes

(National Poetry Writing Month – April 2013)

Through a Child’s Eyes

A man fell from the sky today,
He didn’t have a lot to say,
He didn’t even make a sound,
He just lay there still upon the ground

I thought that he had come to play,
But he didn’t move from where he lay,
He didn’t even smile at me,
He didn’t even seem to be

A crowd of people gathered round
That silent stranger on the ground,
Some gasped at what they saw,
A woman fainted on the floor

Someone screamed out in alarm,
Mother shielded me with her arm,
But through the gap I could see,
Him staring blankly back at me

A man in white said he was dead,
Then covered his body and his head,
Others carried him away,
To where, I’m not sure, I cannot say

Slowly the crowd left the scene,
Only blood remained where he had been,
Someone said that he had died,
Of some illness called suicide

Poem No. 27 for NaPoWriMo 2013 is one that a good friend of mine, Nick Webb, has written accompanying music for and recorded as a song. It does seem to work well in both forms.


Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013


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