Poem No.15 Just A Memory

(National Poetry Writing Month – April 2013)

Just A Memory

Soft moss suffocates
Your proud name,
Grass and weeds block out the pale sunlight,
That shone on your aged remains,
The hand-carved headstone
Is no longer white,
Faded and cracked
By time and neglect
The wretched bones
Lie cold and alone,
Once warmed by tears
Which are no longer wept,
And thoughts which have since
Turned to stone,
A faded memory
Is all that is left
To remind people of who you were,
Your name is not mentioned any more,
Your existence just a blur

Poem originally used to accompany a series of photos of Highgate Cemetery, London for my final year photographic show. Illustrated now by a new picture Photo No. 15 (not from Highgate for copyright reasons) for #NaPoWriMo 2013.


Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013


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