‘Blue Day’

Sunday, 13 July, 6pm GMT

Here’s a poem I’ve been working on this afternoon that’s been in the ‘waiting room’ for a while. The original draft dates back to October 1989, with a much shorter 2nd draft completed four years later. For some reason I’ve returned to it today. This revised 3rd draft the result. I’m still not quite sure if this will be the final draft though…

Blue Day

Uninteresting faces,
Dull and blank
And full of lies,
Black briefcases,
Similar style
Same size,
Different combinations,
Different destinations,
Can’t disguise
You seek the same prize,
A bigger pay cheque,
A salary rise

Another nervous wreck
In a blue pin-striped suit,
Matching tie
And shirt,
If looks could kill
Yours would surely hurt,
Furrowed brow
And troubled frown,
Feeling the pace,
Burdens dragging you down

Blue water,
Ice cold,
Laps around your face,
Wrinkled, old,
Tired of the chase,
Hollow blue eyes,
Reflect a life
The sum
Of which slowly sinks
And dies

© Nick Ritchie 2014

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Epitaph II – Shed Not A Tear

A new one today; short and sweet. Written in my head on the way to work in the car early this morning then scribbled down on a ‘Post It’ note and squirreled away in my wallet until this evening. Redrafted slightly before making this page…

Epitaph II – Shed Not A Tear

If I should die before I wake,
Shed not a tear for my sake,
Smile, raise a glass and say,
“He loved life to the full every day
And lived it his way”

Original draft: 6am, 01/07/14
2nd draft: 9pm, 01/07/14

© Nick Ritchie 2014

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Poem No 08 White Swan


This poem accompanies today’s photo on My Daily Snap quite nicely…

Originally posted on Today's Poem:

(National Poetry Writing Month – April 2013)



Originally inspired by a B&W photo that I only have a print of and haven’t transferred to digital media, but also works with this photo taken on my phone recently. Latest submission for #NaPoWriMo


Copyright Nick Ritchie 2013

View original

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Time for another newly published poem, the origins of which go back a while; in this case to 1992. The words were inspired by a sculpture I came across in some woodland in Margam Country Park, Swansea, South Wales in the mid-1980s. At the time the place was quite was awaiting renovation but featured a lot of modern sculptures in its extensive grounds. I photographed the sculptures; the images of one inspired this poem a few years down the line. I have the original B&W images, shot on Ilford B&W infra red film, but they are not available in a digital form yet. When I eventually undertake that project I will add one to go with this poem.


Observe the watchman of the skies,
Feet planted firmly on the ground,
Binoculars held tight to his eyes,
No utterance or sound

I wonder what matters most
To him,
As he guards his last post
With fixed grin

Is it really worth his endeavour,
To brave the virulent weather,
When he is the last man on earth
And standing on his own grave


© Nick Ritchie 2014

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‘Footfall II’

This poem was written in October 2013 before being re-drafted and published on this blog in April this year. I’m revisiting it today because it sits nicely alongside ‘Today’s photo’ ‘Forest Floor Still Life’ on one of my other blogs, ‘My Daily Snap’.

Footfall – I

Light of touch,
Softly, not too much,
Nature’s bed
Be beyond repair,
Your leaden
Permanently, recorded there

Tread gently on,
And upon
This aged land,
Leave only thoughts
No careless hand,
So all that here, remains
To be,
Another’s cherished memory


© Nick Ritchie 2014

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‘Pink Dots’

A new poem today…well old new! Newly published, but from 1993!

Pink Dots

Pink dots
Before my eyes
Helping me realise
My worst ideas
And greatest fears

© Nick Ritchie 1993/2014

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NEW POEM ‘Inside Out’

Today’s poem is all about escaping from the inside to the outside. Freedom is a mindset!

Inside Out
(A work in progress)

Inside radiated by the outside sun
On the power of rhyme without reason
Electronic pondering done

The seasons wintery light
Creating timeless scenes on the screen
For sore eyes yours is a welcome site

Time to sever my reflection
From my online connection
Move instead outside my head
To a world away from game play

Trading background sound for solid ground
Step by step guides and chat room talk
For a dog guided walk
With man’s best friend

Complete with polythene bag for the inevitable end


Copyright Nick Ritchie 2010/2014

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